Thursday, November 15, 2007


She's movin' around.

Since the last posting Kristin and I have been considering names for our little girl. Initially we stayed behind after movies and looked through the credits for cool names. Although very effective, we moved on to looking through baby name books and websites. One day we happened upon a random name generator online that would produce a first and middle name with entered last name. One of the first few names shown was "Charlotte Lolabelle Kristensen." This name really stood out because Lolabelle is a family name we were already considering. The name comes from Kristin's Mother's, Mother's, Fathers, Mother's Daughter.(OR KK's GREAT,GREAT, AUNT!!!!) Kristin also likes the names "Ava" and "Caitlin." If it was up to me, her name would be "Charlotte." But for now the her name is "_______ Lolabelle Kristensen." (I'm sure the blank will be filled in ultimately by KK)

This is a picture of me back in 78. My hair was red for a little while before it turned blonde. Nice Cowlick.

Even at an early age, KK was a page turner. I hope Lolabelle get her looks mostly from her mom.