Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!!!

(Since Paul is very busy with school and our lives are changing so fast....I thought I would give blogging a re-try! Here goes.)

Since our last post we found out we are having another girl....I am so excited for Ava to have a sister! Not just for the super cute "hand-me-downs" and hair bows...but to have someone to confide in, fight with , and be friends with! When I told Ava we are going to have a baby girl she said...."baby girl YEAH!!" (with her tiny fist pumped in the air...pretty sure she does not know the baby will be staying with us...forever!) I asked her what we should name the baby & she said "HUMMMMM....LOLA!" All of Ava's dolls are named Lola! I think that is the same way my mom got her aunt Sherrol's doll was named Susan.

Richard my father-in-law...guess that Ava was a girl with red hair...pretty right if you ask me! This time he said a boy with blond hair...maybe the blond hair but it is definitely a GIRL! The crazy thing about this girl is she will be one of five great-granddaughters for my Grandma Ruth...all to be born within 5 months of each other....please keep in mind out of 26 grandchildren only 9 were we will have 16!!!! We are making a come out boys!!

Crazy Ava Lolabelle turned 2 and it funny as ever!!! She talk in full sentences...starting with "I" want.....usually candy! She loves to ride her bike, color, play outside, wash her hands (800 times day..she might be OCD??) and loves spending time with her family!

My Dad is recently retired and now the official family baby sitter for during the week...for daytime events! I love it because Ava is getting to know her grandpa so well and he loves it because...well who wouldn't!!! Every time we pull up to his house she yells....Grandpa B & his cookies...very funny! One day I came in & they were giving her barbie a "bubble bath" per Ava's request. I said what did you & Grandpa do today? She said "Grandpa boomed me" my Dad said... "I did boom her we tripped over the swing and we went boom!" Ava...big tattle-tale!!! She has lots of fun at Grandpa B's house!

We just bought Ava a "big girl" bed...I am sad and a little afraid to use it! She is getting so big!

Sorry no pics today...just a quick update!

Love, Kristin