Thursday, February 28, 2008


The Silent Redhead.
In the operating room I was sitting at the top of the bed holding Kristin's hand and trying to help her keep calm when I heard our doctor say,"Look at those cheeks!!" I looked up to see them pull out Lola and pass her to the N.I.C.U. nurses to resuscitate. She made a couple of cute squeaky crys while being wiped down and poked with needles. I was so overwhelmed with the situation that I couldn't do anything but marvel in the majesty that was my first born. Lola remained silent through the rest of the surgery while I held her and prayed for my wife to be OK. My girls and I returned to our room where we had many family members waiting in the sitting area just next to us. I asked KK if I could show everyone our baby and she said with one eye open, "What are you waiting for daddy."
After a brief visit with family and a room change, I found myself with alone with Ava Lollabelle, staring into each others eyes. I told myself that this is the most perfect baby ever and her cutie-pie face was second to none. Of course this is something every dad feels about there own but something tells me this was different.

Here she is in her first dress up outfit. KK has been looking forward to this for months..

Lola with a fresh bow provided by the nursery.

Hopefully Ava Lolabelle got most of her features from her mom but she definitely has my feet.

Her is our O.B. Lisa Gravelle, She was awesome and also thought Lola was one of the cutest.

Here is the other redhead in my family. My sister Anna has the same beautiful red/copper tint to her hair.

Kristin kept saying that with all of here experience with babies at work, she would be the first to admit if her baby was a F.L.K. (funny looking kid) but you can see here this isn't the case.

This picture is a lure to any family members that still need to come see me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KK MY HERO!!!!!!

My lovely wife Kristin suffered a great deal to bring the greatest gift that a husband could ever ask for. My cutie-pie _____ Lolabelle Kristensen. (We still have no first name yet) She is a 8 pound 10 ounce, 22.5 inch, redhead that has stolen my heart since she was born at 6:42 A.M. I swear she is the most perfect baby I have ever seen.

Here's lola only about 45 mins old. Grandma Susan helped her get her first taste of formula.

Sorry lack of comments due to lack of sleep in last 48 hours....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Any Time Now Baby.
Sorry We did not post last month. It was a busy month for KK and I. Kristin is tring to cram all of her shifts at work so she can get an extra 2 weeks of leave when Lola comes. I have been getting back into the swing of things in school and finishing the nursery. Now that my first test is out of the way and KK only has a few shifts left, we are really anxious for this baby to come. We also had three baby showers since I last posted. I cannot believe how much generosity we received from our family and friends. Lola allready has over 100 outfits, more than 20 blankets, and several hundred diapers. Since this is my first child, I am guessing that will keep her looking cute and warm with a fresh change for at least a month or so. I know KK expressed her appreciation during the showers, I would also like to say thanks. It really helps when the parents are not the only ones spoiling the baby.

This is a picture or the nursery. Initially I was going to carve the crib out of a solid piece of wood with my own two hands. Then when we found out it was a girl, I figured might as well get use to buying her what she wants instead.

This is another picture without out the lighting effects from the chandeleir. KK picked out the fabric for her crib set and the colors were matched. The armoire is the changing station and the wall quilt is from aunt Becky.