Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dum-Dum Sucka!!!

We are learning to go pee in the potty; that now said Ava is getting a lot of candy right now! A quick a favorite treat for a successful potty time is a sucker. Ava previously only knew them as "sucker" or "lollipop," but now she knows them as "dum-dum sucka." Although primarily used as a statement to obtain the glorious treat is now being used as a name-calling tool as well; i.e "give me that dum-dum sucka!!," "no dum-dum sucka." and my favorite "FINE dum-dum sucka!" Damn dum-dum suckers!!

Ava is big into pretend play. Upon leaving Lagoon last weekend PK and I overheard this conversation between Ava and her newly acquired Carebear: "I said no, you take my dum-dum sucka, you in time out, FINE I go time out, you no take my dum-dum sucka!! OKAY FINE!" I said Paul....do I talk like that to her??? He said...apparently. (Maybe it is not so much pretend play as it is verbatim play)

Ava is a great big sister and has even given Stella a few dum-dum suckers...the ones she hates "mystery flavor" & apricot. I found a few in her bouncer yesterday and Ava said; "Mom....Stella no like that dum-dum sucka!"

Have a great day...dum-dum suckers!!!!

Love Kristin