Monday, December 24, 2007


Left: KK doesn't look very happy, "Cheer up KK Santa is almost here."
Above: PK is not sure what this man wants from him. I better be on the 'Nice' list.
Holy Cow Look at Those Cheeks.
Less than two months left and Lolabelle is doing great. We had a doctors appointment and an another ultra sound this week. The ultrasound technician was really impressed with the size of Lola's cheeks at 32 weeks. She took some amazing pictures and let us watch our daughter in 4d video for about 5 minutes. It was really cute because we could see her eyes open and close, her eyebrow lift up, and her hands move toward and away from her big lips. It's hard to believe she already has so much personality. We had a lot of fun this month. I survived my semester finals and we had a chance to visit some family in Texas. On the plane ride home, we realized that this was the last time we would be in an airplane without Lolabelle on our laps or making babysitting arrangements. Our unexpected upgrade to first class helped us with this daunting realization.

This is a still shot of the 4d video we watched. Black and white blotchy areas are spots where the computer program didn't quite know how to process. But you can see she has big cheeks and cutie pie lips.

Here's Lola with her left hand next to her cheek. She like her hands up by her face in the on guard position. Probably so she can defend herself from her cousins.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


She's movin' around.

Since the last posting Kristin and I have been considering names for our little girl. Initially we stayed behind after movies and looked through the credits for cool names. Although very effective, we moved on to looking through baby name books and websites. One day we happened upon a random name generator online that would produce a first and middle name with entered last name. One of the first few names shown was "Charlotte Lolabelle Kristensen." This name really stood out because Lolabelle is a family name we were already considering. The name comes from Kristin's Mother's, Mother's, Fathers, Mother's Daughter.(OR KK's GREAT,GREAT, AUNT!!!!) Kristin also likes the names "Ava" and "Caitlin." If it was up to me, her name would be "Charlotte." But for now the her name is "_______ Lolabelle Kristensen." (I'm sure the blank will be filled in ultimately by KK)

This is a picture of me back in 78. My hair was red for a little while before it turned blonde. Nice Cowlick.

Even at an early age, KK was a page turner. I hope Lolabelle get her looks mostly from her mom.

Monday, October 1, 2007

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 weeks or half way

That's right its a girl. Kristin and I found out on Friday the 29th. Our 20 week ultrasound was delayed for a few weeks due to school scheduling and I couldn't wait any longer. I dragged Kristin to the mall and got the news from Fetal Photography. When she told us it was a girl, Kristin yelled,"Shut up!!! Are You kidding me!!!" My father was sure it was a girl from the first day we told him we were pregnant. So KK was sure it was a boy (probably just to disagree with a different Kristensen male for a change). I guess she's only right 99.9% of the time. I thought it would be cute to post a few pictures of us when we were kids so you can get an idea of what this creation will turn out like.

Here is a picture of KK. Notice the cutie-pie cheeks and not so blonde hair. I guess that sleeping on your stomach was more acceptable in 1975.

This is PK with older brother Rick. Notice the pudgy nose and dark hair. I was the 7th of 9 children and the youngest boy out of 6.

More pictures to come.

Monday, September 3, 2007

4 Months!

We are now 4 months or 16 3/7 weeks along. We when to the doctor on Friday......we heard the heartbeat....155 bpm. Paul was very excited....I hear neonates heartbeats all the time...I was just excited to know I only gained 1 pound...just kidding! In the next 4 weeks we will obtain the in depth ultrasound to see what sex this fetus is....Paul thinks it is a girl..I know it is a boy. He says I am unadventurous & go with the easy odds. I guess we will see!
Other exciting news: we finished our kitchen remodel..finally & Paul is in full-time school & doing great.

Love, Kristin

Sunday, August 26, 2007

First blog posting!

We are going to be parents!